Meet Daisy

Josh’s grandpa’s Greyhound had puppies a while ago and we’ve been watching them grow up. There are 7 total and 3 are girls. All of them are stinkers and like to bite your boots but ya’ll know I have my favorite…so, this sweet little thing now knows my voice and me by sight. She’s adorable… ahhhh I love her. From day one we’ve been partners in crime.

I mean look how cute we are…

How can you say no to her face?

She’s my person

Typical Rach and Liv….

I think in life you need that one person not related to you that you can just be yourself around. You can wear your sweats and have crazy hair. You can eat lots of delicious food and not worry about what they think…

You can fangirl about sporting events that happen every few years (ahem, OLYMPICS) and spend some time confirming theories about your favorite celebrities. You can walk around, not really having an agenda and laugh the entire time.

You need someone that will support your odd-ball ideas, however random they are…from chopping your hair off to telling you that a guy needs to like IU.

In life, you need a person that is there, no matter what.

I have her.